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Love Island and Brand Relationships

Love Island 2019

Love Island 2019

For the whole of July the streets were talking Love Island, so it’s only right that Forward/ What’s Trending delves into the topic. Today we’re taking a look at Love Island and brand relationships on social media.

Whether you were watching or not, if you’re on Twitter you can’t deny being pretty aware of the happenings within Casa Amor. 

Heartbreak, love eyes emojis and ‘dead tings’, Twitter is the beans to the toast that is Love Island, and the community managers are out here doing overtime. Locked in at 9pm; phone at the ready like the rest of us.




9pm etiquette is letting your friends know that you’re locked in and online, but ghosting any non Love Island conversation. 

With tears, cowards, couple goals and a hundred thousand people watching their every move, it’s no wonder some brands were just as actively involved as the rest of us with the Island and its inhabitants. Take for example when BoohooMAN tried shooting their shot with Ovie by asking fans to Retweet if they wanted them to sponsor him; having the timeline up in arms about who deserves our main man.

Boohoo shooting their shot at Ovie [capture courtesy of @BonitaRochelle]

Boohoo shooting their shot at Ovie [capture courtesy of @BonitaRochelle]


“Retweet if you want us to sponsor this man”


Or when Amy had her heartbroken and we all collectively mourned with her as we reminisced over the silent killer that is heartbreak.

this year’s “Brands Who Got It Right” winner is…


After paying very close attention for the last 7 weeks and both admiring and side-eyeing the way some brands have inserted themselves into the ups and downs of Island life, I can now announce that the winner of this year’s “Brands Who Got It Right” (an award I just made up, but holds a lot of weight - because I said so lol) is… 

*drumroll please*


Active and in all the conversations, whether you follow BoohooMAN or not they interacted so well with the timeline they’d frequently pop up under “xyz you follow liked this tweet”. BoohooMAN have been quite visible during this season of Love Island. They listened, engaged well with viewers, and left the sales talk at the office.

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