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>>/ “Much Greater Than”



Very early on in the conception of Forward Slash (friends can call us ‘FS’), one thing was clear. The Forward Slash brand and branding would be symbolic of moving forward, being future facing and the infinite expressions of creativity.

After much brainstorming, sketching and a whole load of questioning, we settled on abbreviating Forward Slash by combining an iteration of the ‘fast forward’ symbol ‘>>’ and of course a (forward) slash ‘/’.

And with that we pushed forward. 


Fast forward and Mike’s done with the new paint job and we’re all marvelling at our slick new look. 

‘kay twice killed it, but I couldn’t stop myself. I’m punny.

So what do you do when you’ve got something new and shiny? print it on a T and wear it forever, of course. 

And that’s exactly what we did. No, seriously. (You’ll see soon enough).

“you print it on a T and wear it forever”

Forward Slash represents moving forward, an intersection, the power to be limitless, a bridge to build connections and the home to infinite potential. 

So imagine our delight when we learned the “>>” we’d incorporated into our branding is also the Algebraic symbol for “much greater than”. 


Tying nicely into why we regard ourselves as Slashies. Slashies are multi-dimensional, multi-hyphenate, ‘masters of None’. Slashies are individuals who successfully do more than one thing. A this/that person. Everyone’s favourite kind of person, no bias.

“Slashies are multi-dimensional, multi-hyphenate, masters of None.”

The team and I will be bringing you more Slashie content soon, but until then… 


We’re Forward Slash. We do things differently, we are a collective of Slashies and we are much greater than.

Nice to meet you.