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BBC Radio 1Xtra took it’s first leap into the podcasting world through the creation of the 1Xtra Chat podcast feed. The feed is accessible through BBC Sounds, Apple Podcasts and other podcast providers.

The overall objective for the feed is to attract new audiences (predominantly young black women) to 1Xtra. The strategy was to partner with existing, successful podcasters with a foothold in the target demographic.

Forward Slash was commissioned to produce all social media content across the campaign to build engagement and reach, and increase the prominence of the podcasters on 1Xtra’s social platforms.

our strategy + (ONGOING) WORK

Forward Slash’s strategy was to editorialise the video recordings from each episode in a way which simultaneously delivered two main objectives:

  1. Standalone visual content that could be engaged with and shared on social media without context of the entire podcast episode.

  2. Visual content that serves as teaser content to entice the viewer to consume the podcast in full.

We captured video from each podcast recording in its entirety, leading on editorial and content production to deliver multiple 60 second video clips per episode. These videos were then syndicated on BBC Sounds and 1Xtra’s social channels.

Podcasters: The Receipts Podcast, 3 Shots of Tequila, Cut The Chat, How To Thrive.

the impact + REACH

  • 800,000+ total social media views on Instagram and Twitter across all podcasts on 1Xtra

  • The Receipts on 1Xtra achieved No.1 on the iTunes chart in the first 48 hours of release