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forward SLASHIES.

We are Slashies. This/that kind of people. Also known as multi-hyphenates, Jacks and Jackies of all trades, Masters of None, polymaths, renaissance men and women, multi-potentialites, superheroes etc.

Multifaceted/ Multidisciplinary/ Multitalented…

Multifaceted/ Multidisciplinary/ Multitalented…

By nature we’re incapable of being confined to just one discipline, subject or creative pursuit. We’re self-learners managing ‘portfolio careers’, and we thrive off combining, exploring and experimenting to innovate and bring new ideas to life.

Working with Forward Slash means you’re collaborating with a team of highly skilled strategists, consultants, content creatives and community managers, who are also deeply embedded in music, tech, art and culture. We’re observers and admirers and actively participate as DJs, podcasters, photographers, visual artists, event producers, the list goes on.

That multifaceted quality informs our approach at every stage of each campaign to deliver the best work possible. That’s more than just ‘two birds with one stone’.

Alongside our core team we often bring aboard other Slashies from our extended network when their particular combination of talent is required to deliver a project.





Hola, qué tál estás? (my Spanish is 10x better than my doodling, te lo prometo).

I’m a huge advocate of ‘doing’ and of collaborating. I think ideas should be brought to life, regardless of the outcome. I’ve done a lot of doing and building over the past few years and Forward Slash is my latest construction. Before this I used to deliver music and social content at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

My other main squeeze is So Future - a platform I created in 2016 for underground music and talent. If I’m not doing something music or ideas related, I’m probably trying to get on a plane, or eating.


dj/ radio presenter /photographer/ promoter/ footballer/ doer





Hi, I'm Nimz and I build ideas.

I like to think of myself as the dash between 'A - B'. A solution based thinker. I tinker and mind map my way to new answers.
Often, I can be found with a loaded pencil case and note pad, ready for when inspiration strikes.

I really really enjoy sprinting. Although getting me to go for a run is a task on its own.

I (no facts or evidence) believe I could be an Olympic track athlete. Like, legit.

Podcaster /Filmmaker /Photographer /Visual Artist /SportsWOman* /Professional Stuff doer.

*(new, but we move)





My name is Michael Akuagwu.

I am a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist. Graphic Design is my main gig but I have a lot of interest in photography and videography. My head is always in the clouds thinking of one idea or the other.

I love observing what's around me, design is everywhere and I'm constantly assessing what I think is good and what is bad. I look at everything from a billboard ad of a fashion campaign, to someone's combo of corduroy trousers and Fila trainers. Design inspo is everywhere.

Fear of Success is a thing, trust me..I know.

graphic designer /visual artist /Photographer /Videographer