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So Future


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Music and social content production/ Social media management/ Community management


With a background of 9+ years discovering and showcasing new talent online, on the radio and at live events and club nights via the specialist music platforms AllAboutGoodMusic and EDIT LDN, So Future is the platform and creative collective founded by Forward Slash founder Keturah in 2016.

So Future focuses on forward-thinking new music sounds and visual art both URL and IRL.

our work

Forward Slash manages and delivers every aspect of So Future from content production to talent booking, social media creative and community management.

  • Bi-weekly DJ mix series syndicated on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Apple Podcasts

  • Social media creative, content formats, asset design and production

  • Social media strategy

  • Community management

the impact + REACH

  • 65,000 plays in 18 months on the bi weekly DJ mix series (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, iTunes)

  • Booked over 50 upcoming specialist DJs for the monthly club night,

  • Came in second place in Roundhouse’s inaugural soundclash

  • Curated a stage at the Peckham Rye Music Festival 2017.